Collective Asset Management

Through Yarpa Investimenti SGR SpA, the Group has always stood out for its ability to bring together important strategic partners, in order to share experiences and capital in the interests of enhancing its own investment activities.

The compay is mainly active in the establishment and management of Fund of Funds, with the aim of investing on the main foreign markets, through both the subscription of private equity funds and direct co-investments.

Starting from 2012 Yarpa Investimenti SGR SpA has launched 8 closed funds, for an amount of more than 600M€, approximately 30 small/mid cap foreign funds in portfolio, over 380 investments directly and indirectly participated.

Through its historic collaboration with a small number of highly qualified foreign managers, mainly active in leverage buy out investments in the European mid market, the SGR offers a concrete solution to the needs of institutional and private investors interested, in the spirit of portfolio diversification, in participating in appealing investments opportunities in the international private equity market.

This strategy allows the investor to participate – albeit indirectly – in a large number of investments, in order to guarantee:

  • A prudent risk diversification;
  • Preferential access to co-investments promoted by the SGR alongside a large number of international managers;
  • Costs optimisation related to the management of the various investments;
  • Reduction of the investment average life through a strategy targeted to allocate the entire commitment in the first 12 months of the fund life.

Funds under management

Individual Asset Management

In line with the company strategy, that focuses on investments activity, and with the increasing demand from the institutional investors, interested to confer a mandate with the aim of improving and maintaining over time a stable presence in the private equity sector – fully corresponding to their own investments strategies, on 27 February 2018 the Board of Directors has submitted to Bank of Italy a request to expand its operations in order to provide a portfolio management service.

Starting from July 2018 Yarpa Investimenti SGR SpA was one of the first Italian companies authorized to perform the service of portfolio management aimed at private equity investments.

The first Mandate for 60 M€ became fully operational during the last quarter of 2018. In 2021, the same mandate was increased to 75 M€.