Who we are

A group of entrepreneurs and institutional subjects united by the same business culture represents the shareholding of a structure managed by an independent management team. Yarpa is a dynamic and streamlined company mainly active in the management of international private equity Funds of Funds.

The identification of important international operators with a similar approach to Yarpa’s one has allowed us to develop long-term collaborative relationships with an increasing number of primary operators of private equity international funds, providing investors with privileged access to the best investment opportunities that are increasingly diversified geographically, by sector and by type.

Between 2010-2015 together with LBO France, through the subsidiary company YFL SpA, Yarpa has delt with private equity investments in Italian SMEs. To date, through Yarpa Investimenti SGR Spa, the volume managed through funds and mandates amounts in total to more than 700 million Euros.

The Group

The Yarpa Group has always stood out for its ability to bring together important strategic partners, in order to share experiences and capital in the interests of enhancing its own investment activities on the private equity market.

Between 2004 and 2012 the company engaged itself as advisor of influential international companies that overall committed funds of over 220M€ – of which 205M€ invested – in private equity funds and in direct co-investments structured by the main international companies.

From 2012 Yarpa Investimenti SGR SpA has launched its activity of direct management of international private equity Funds of Funds, focused on investments on the main foreign markets.

Moreover, Yarpa Spa is the major shareholder of YLF SpA, a company established in 2010 to carry out majority investments in Italian SMEs in Joint Venture with the French manager LBO France. The company is currently managing the liquidation phase of the last investment still in its portfolio.

The Mission

The Yarpa Group is active in the management of alternative investments in international markets through the development over time of consolidated and stable relationships with important strategic partners and international leading companies with the aim of offering a dynamic, diversified and active management of investments on behalf of its own shareholders and investors both institutional and private.

The shareholders

The shareholders of the Yarpa Group are a very cohesive club deal of investors, made up of institutional entities sharing the same business culture. Yarpa brings together not only institutional, but also important industrial and private shareholders, mainly from North-West area.

(*) entrepreneurial families from Turin, Milan and Genoa active in various sectors including finance, automotive and real estate.

The History

The Governance

Luca Paveri Fontana – Chairman

Gregorio Gavarone – Vice Chairman

Alessandro Lenotti – CEO

Andrea Baggi Sisini – Director

Emanuele Consigliere – Director

Maria Luce Lotti – Director

Stefano Messina – Director

Agostino Passadore – Director

Giuseppe Spadafora – Director

Paolo Zanetti – Director

Board of Statutory Auditors

Giancarlo Strada – Chairman

Paolo Burlando – Standing Auditor

Paolo Fasce – Standing Auditor

Michele Consigliere – Chairman

Simone Azzoaglio – Vice Chairman Independent

Luca Paveri Fontana – Vice Chairman

Alessandro Lenotti – CEO

Francesca Buschiazzo – Director

Carlo Cavazzoni – Director

Aldo Marco Maggi – Independent Director

Board of Statutory Auditors

Giancarlo Strada – Chairman

Paolo Burlando – Standing Auditor

Paolo Fasce – Standing Auditor