Principles for
Responsible Investment

In February 2021, the Board of Directors of Yarpa Investimenti SGR S.p.A. approved its Sustainable and Responsible Investment Policy (ESG Policy).

This decision aims to incorporate criteria for measuring, managing, and mitigating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks into the process of identifying and managing financial investments. The objective is to ensure that these factors are genuinely taken into consideration in the investment strategies adopted by all our managed funds. We are convinced that this choice can contribute to generating sustainable and long-term performance.


Exclusion Criteria

Specific exclusion criteria have been identified for investment selection to define the sustainability risk of investments. The SGR distinguishes between (i) direct and/or co-investment scenarios and (ii) indirect investment scenarios (through participation in other funds). Exclusion from the investable universe includes sectors related to controversial weapons, gambling, and coal extraction facilities (the “Excluded Sectors”).

ESG: An Opportunity for Private Equity

In this context, we believe that the integration of ESG criteria into the evaluation of private equity (PE) investments, and more broadly, private capital, represents an opportunity. By dealing with unlisted companies, which tend to have limited sustainability reporting, the integration of ESG elements by PE increases the likelihood of identifying non-financial risks that were previously not monitored.

Sustainable and Responsible Investments

Our Sustainable and Responsible Investment Policy refers to the main international standards and industry guidelines. It reflects, as much as possible, the best practices widely adopted internationally by asset managers. This includes a thorough analysis of policies, operational models, and reporting introduced by major European managers with whom the SGR has been investing and interacting for many years.