Drawing on the expertise acquired over more than 20 years of activity, Yarpa SpA has developed a unique business model in the Italian market, seeking significant value creation over time with a geographically and asset class diversified investment portfolio.

The company has established and consolidated strong relations with leading international fund managers, enabling them to:

  • Create an asset class allocation in line with predefined risk/return objectives
  • Share co-investment opportunities in companies operating in strategic industrial sectors or in which there is direct knowledge through its shareholders.

Furthermore, the company has maintained long-term relationships with leading financial advisors, local fund managers, and top managers with consolidated M&A experience, with the goal of consistently seeking the best investment opportunities on major international markets.


Yarpa SpA’s investment strategy aims to build a portfolio invested in the alternative segment on major international markets with a medium to long-term approach.


In terms of investment strategies, the company is primarily active in private equity fund investments (small, mid-large, and growth capital) for approximately 40-45% of the portfolio. Secondary funds represent about 15-20%, and infrastructure funds 20-25%. Additionally, Yarpa pursues a significant co-investment program with a target allocation ranging between 15 and 20% of the total invested portfolio.